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肉是许多家庭最喜欢的食物,尤其是在寒冷地区。 我们将找出存在哪种肉类,如何选择最佳产品,您可以多久品尝一次肉类食品

肉是广泛的产品类别,可以用许多不同方式加工和制备的任何动物的肌肉组织。 正确的加工非常重要,因为即使是健康的肉也可以变成对健康有害的食品。

任何肉类中最重要的是大量的动物蛋白。 它由氨基酸组成,其中一些对于我们的身体是必不可少的。

根据肉的类型,制备方法甚至动物的年龄,其性质也会有很大差异。 肉的主要类型:红色,白色和加工的(熏制,干制等)。

Red meat contains a lot of , due to which it has this color. It includes 牛肉, 鹿肉, 猪肉, 羊肉, 马肉. White meat is more dietary and digestible, but there is not much iron in it. This is mainly poultry meat – , 鹅, 土耳其.
Very controversial processed meat and products from it – sausages, sausages, and other delicacies. Such processing reveals the taste of meat as much as possible, makes it bright and very “addictive” due to the abundance of , 香料 and other additives. In small quantities, such a product will not harm, but when choosing processed meat, you need to be as careful as possible. It is in the flavorings that the possible danger lies.


In addition to valuable protein, any meat is rich in B族维生素. They are necessary for the harmonious work of all body systems. They participate in the formation of blood cells, in metabolic processes, in the work of the brain.

There is a lot of zinc and in meat. They support the immune system and have an antioxidant effect. Selena is found most in poultry meat.

磷对于骨骼组织必不可少,它负责密度。 由于缺乏磷,骨头会变脆,骨质疏松症和脊柱弯曲会发展。 定期食用动物蛋白已显示可减少多达70%的骨折风险。 由于饮食中缺少肉类,因此,更年期妇女经常会遭受骨组织变性的改变。

肉,特别是红肉,以抗贫血闻名。 这归功于铁和维生素B,这是合成红细胞所必需的。 经常食用肉类几乎可以消除B12贫血和缺铁性贫血的风险。
肉类食品对于运动员,儿童和因严重操作和受伤而康复的人们尤其必要。 蛋白质有助于自身氨基酸的合成和肌肉的发育,有助于防止肌肉组织的缺乏。 肌肉萎缩会使人虚弱,嗜睡,并导致其他严重的疾病。


重要的是要考虑到您自己的特征和健康限制。 为此,您需要咨询您的医生。 由于在某些疾病(例如痛风)中,肉是被禁止的,因此即使是最优质的产品也可能有害。
Often, meat causes allergic reactions, especially pork. Perhaps the allergy was not even to meat food, but to feed additives and antibiotics that were given to the animals on the farm. For this reason, it is necessary to offer meat to children little by little and very carefully. Better to start with diet varieties – rabbit, turkey.

一切都要适度,肉类也不例外。 事实证明,经常食用红肉,尤其是油炸肉,不仅会引起食道,胃和肠癌,还会引起前列腺,肾脏甚至乳房癌。

Scientists in Switzerland have proven the link between the craze for processed meat (sausages, sausages) and diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as type 2 diabetes. Some experts even cite figures – the risk increases by 40%. Various processed meat products often contain colorants, flavor enhancers, and soy protein. This has a detrimental effect on health in general, so you need to carefully study the composition.

同样,不加控制地食用肉类食品会迅速导致肥胖和肠胃不适。 由于肉是一种热量很高的产品。


It is better to purchase chilled meat from trusted manufacturers. Such meat will bring the greatest benefit in boiled, stewed and baked form. The worst choice for cooking meat dishes is frying in oil. During the cooking process, a lot of toxic compounds are formed. Some of them can be neutralized – it is from this that the tradition of eating roast with a glass of 红酒 went, since it destroys some toxins. But the rest of the carcinogens remain, so it’s better not to tempt fate.
您不应该吃生的或未煮熟的肉,因为寄生幼虫仍以这种形式存在。 即使初步冻结也不能杀死所有蠕虫。

You need to be especially careful when choosing meat products: sausages, pates, 火腿, etc. A good semi-finished product is not dangerous, but it will also cost a lot. Therefore, in order to save money, many manufacturers use meat waste, vegetable proteins, and flavorings. This allows you to reduce the cost of the product and, with the help of artificial additives, make the taste attractive. When studying the composition, choose those meat products where, in addition to meat and spices, there are a minimum of extraneous ingredients.