1. 协议的主题。
    • 该协议对https://healthy-food-near-me.com网站有效,并由这些网站的用户与网站所有者(以下简称https://healthy-food-near-me.com)之间达成。 )
    • 本协议建立了接收,存储,处理,使用和披露用户的个人数据以及https://healthy-food-near-me.com从站点用户接收到的其他信息的程序。 用户填写个人数据。
    • 要发布信息,发布公告,请在任何https://healthy-food-near-me.com网站上使用该网站,用户必须仔细阅读本协议并表示完全同意其条款。 确认完全同意本协议是用户对网站的使用。
    • 如果用户不同意本协议的条款,或者如果他有权签订协议或不是授权人,还没有达到法定年龄,则用户无权发布信息,发布公告或使用网站。代表其信息发布的公司的名称,公告。
    • 通过使用网站在网站上发布信息,用户输入个人数据,或以其他方式提供此数据,和/或在网站上执行任何操作,和/或使用网站的任何部分,即表示用户明确同意本协议的条款,并向https://healthy-food-near-me.com提供根据本协议的条款接收,存储,处理,使用和披露用户个人数据的权利。
    • 本协议不规范且 https://healthy-food-near-me.com 不负责接收、存储、处理、使用和向非 https 拥有或运营的第三方披露用户的个人数据和任何其他信息://healthy-food-near-me.com,以及不是 AvtoTachki 员工 .com 的个人,即使用户通过 https://healthy-food-near-me 访问了这些人的网站、产品或服务.com 或时事通讯。 保密理解,本协议是网站数据库中唯一以加密状态存储的信息,仅可用于 https://healthy-food-near-me.com。
    • 用户承认,在忽略安全性和个人数据及授权数据保护的情况下,第三方可能会未经授权访问帐户,个人和其他用户数据。 https://healthy-food-near-me.com 对于此类访问所造成的损失不承担任何责任。
  2. 获取个人数据的过程。
  1. https://healthy-food-near-me.com may collect personal information, namely: name, surname, date of birth, contact numbers, email address, region and location of the User, the password for identification. https://healthy-food-near-me.com may also collect other information:
    • Cookies以此提供服务,例如,两次访问之间将数据存储在篮子中;
    • 用户的IP地址。
  2. 所有信息均由我们按原样收集,并且在收集数据方面不会改变。 用户有责任提供可靠的信息,包括有关个人数据的信息。https://healthy-food-near-me.com有权在必要时验证所提供信息的准确性并要求对所提供信息进行确认如有必要,向用户提供服务。
  3. 使用用户信息的过程。
  4. https://healthy-food-near-me.com can use your name, region, and city where you live, email address, phone number, password to identify you as a user https://healthy-food-near-me.com.https://healthy-food-near-me.com may use your contact information to process our newsletter, namely to notify you of new opportunities, promotions, and other news ofhttps://healthy-food-near-me.com. The user can always refuse to conduct mailings according to his contact information. The processing of personal data may be carried out to implement civil law, tax and accounting relations, fulfill contractual obligations to provide services, provide access to the site’s service, identify the client as a site user, provide offer services, process payments, mailing addresses, creating and implementing bonus programs, sending commercial offers and information by mail, e-mail, offering new services, before any information other than the subject of the contract, settlement transactions, reporting, bookkeeping, and management accounting, improving the quality of services, providing website services, posting information, customer announcements on the website of the owner of a personal database, simplifying work with the website and improving its materials.
  5. 提供对数据库的访问的条款。
  6. https://healthy-food-near-me.com does not transfer personal data and other information to third parties, except as provided below. According to this Agreement, users have grantedhttps://healthy-food-near-me.com the right to disclose, without limitation of validity and territory, personal data, and other user information to third parties https://healthy-food-near-me.com services, in particular. Still, not exclusively, process applications, payments, deliver packages. Third parties may use user information only if they provide https://healthy-food-near-me.com services and only the information that is necessary to provide the service. Also, the disclosure of personal data without the consent of the User or a person authorized by him is allowed in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare, and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively:
    • 应有权要求和接收此类数据和信息的国家机构的合理要求;
    • 如果 https://healthy-food-near-me.com 认为用户违反了本协议的条款和/或 https://healthy-food-near-me.com 和用户。
  7. 如何更改/删除此信息或退订。
  1. 用户在任何给定时间都可以 更改/删除 的个人信息 (电话) 或取消订阅。 https://healthy-food-near-me.com 的某些功能需要用户信息的可用性,从更改/删除信息的那一刻起可能会暂停工作。
  2. 用户的个人数据将被存储,直到被用户删除为止。 用户将收到有关删除或其他个人数据处理的充分通知,这是一封发送到用户指定电子邮件中的信件(信息)。
  3. 数据保护。
  1. https://healthy-food-near-me.com takes all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. These measures include inter alia, internal verification of data collection, storage and processing processes, and security measures; all data that https://healthy-food-near-me.com collects is stored on one or more secure database servers and cannot be accessed from outside our corporate network.
  2. https://healthy-food-near-me.com provides access to personal data and information only to those employees, contractors, and agents of https://healthy-food-near-me.com who need to have this information to carry out operations performed on our behalf. Agreements have been signed with these persons in which they undertake to maintain confidentiality and may be liable to penalties, including dismissal and criminal prosecution if they violate these obligations. The user has the rights stipulated by the Law of our country “On the Protection of Personal Data” dated June 1, 2010, N 2297-VI.
  3. 如有疑问,请联系地址。
  4. 如果对您提供的信息有疑问,希望或投诉,请联系电子邮件地址:Support@healthy-food-near-me.com。 在提出书面请求并出示确立其身份和权限的文件后,我们可能会向用户提供有关获取有关数据库位置信息的过程的信息。
  5. 隐私政策的变更。
  6. 我们可能会更改隐私政策的条款。 在这种情况下,我们将替换条件页面上的版本,因此请定期回来查看 https://healthy-food-near-me.com/privacy/ 该协议的所有更改自其发布之日起生效。 使用本网站,用户确认使用本网站时有效的措词中接受了隐私政策的新条款。
  7. 附加条款。
  1. https://healthy-food-near-me.com is not liable for damage or loss incurred by the User or third-parties as a result of a misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Agreement, instructions on the procedure for using the Site, regarding the procedure for posting data, and other technical issues.
  2. 如果隐私政策的任何规定(包括任何建议,条款或其中的一部分)被视为违反法律或无效,则不会影响其余与法律相抵触的规定,它们将保留在完全有效且有效,并且任何无效的规定,或未经当事人采取进一步行动而无法履行的规定,均视为已进行了修订,以确保其有效性和执行的可能性为限。
  3. 该协议从用户使用网站之日起即扩展到用户,包括广告的放置,并一直有效,直到有关用户的任何信息(包括个人数据)存储在网站上为止。
  4. 接受本隐私政策,即表示您还同意 隐私政策和使用条款 谷歌。