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坚果 are nutritious foods that are high in fats, proteins, and vitamins. For vegetarians, nuts are an irreplaceable product that can replace the missing elements of the diet during 禁食 and dieting.

Nuts are ahead of many other foods in the content of beneficial vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. Simultaneously, the fats in nuts are 蔬菜 and do much less harm to the heart and blood vessels without increasing cholesterol.



The benefits of nuts in dietetics have also been assessed – despite the high-calorie content, fats from these 水果 are not completely absorbed, and omega-3 acids reduce cravings for sweets. Also, nuts contribute to the elimination of toxins and toxins. Nuts satisfy hunger quickly and are a good snack.

坚果中含有有助于缓解抑郁,减少压力和神经紧张的有害影响的物质。 因此,为从事脑力劳动的人们吃东西很重要。 坚果是大脑的好食物。

自然 油画 extracted from the kernels are actively used in cosmetology as herbal care for skin, nails, and hair.


坚果是过敏性食品。 您需要非常小心地尝试一种新的坚果,吃不超过几枚,然后监控反应,尤其是如果这个人容易过敏。

All types of nuts are very high in calories: energy value ranges from 500 to 700 kcal per 100 grams. With obesity, you need to monitor the dosage, especially, and not exceed it. The normal amount per day is a small handful. Nuts are quite addictive and easy to overeat, so it’s best to set aside the right amount in advance.

劣质坚果中毒也是可能的。 例如,未成熟的杏仁可能有毒,因为它们含有氰化物,而其他坚果则可能受到产生致癌物的真菌的攻击。



Nuts are sold raw, fried, as well as in shells, various sprinkles, and . When choosing nuts in sprinkles, you need to be especially careful, since when eating them, it is easy to exceed the amount of sugar and salt.

The most useful nuts without additives and in the shell, but in this case, it is difficult to assess their quality without seeing the kernel. The shell should not be cracked, and when shaken, the core will not knock on the walls – voids inside are considered marriage or arise from prolonged storage and 烘干 淘汰产品。

标明的保质期不超过六个月; 如果指示较长的时间,最好不要购买此类产品。

Many countries are producers, the highest quality walnuts from France, pine nuts from Russia, and 花生米 from China. Pistachios are grown in large quantities in Iranian countries, and cashews are grown in the Middle East.